Afro-américains et "native Americans"



The African-American Journey ( This site provides a comprehensive and very useful overview of African-American history for the general user.

An on-line guide to African-studies and African-American-studies collections ( in more than 25 campus libraries in the University of California system. The guide includes references, links to collections at other institutions, maps of Africa, and U.S. government documents.

A Guide to African-American Documentary Resources in North Carolina et Afro-American Sources in Virginia: A Guide to Manuscripts (University Press of Virginia) "Both University Press of Virginia guides contain addresses, telephone numbers, and accessing information for each collection detailed. Combined, these two guides summarize the African-American holdings of over fifty southern repositories." (

Black History documents on line, HOLDINGS Project (Holding Our Library Documents Insures Nobility, Greatness, Strength).

Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography (

A-Z of African Studies (http://www.library/



Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History (

African-American Journey (

African American Experience in Lexington, Kentucky (

African American Literature: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (

African-American Women, Digital Scriptorium of Duke University Special Collections Library. The "African-American Women" web pages, developed in collaboration between The Digital Scriptorium and the Women's Archives, feature scanned images of manuscript pages and full text of the writings of African-American women.

Integration & Black Muslims (

Martin Luther King Papers Project, Stanford University (

History Museum of Slavery in the Atlantic (

Personal page for courses in early African-American literature (syllabus with web links to texts and some critical information) (

Documents de Harper's Weekly. Illustrations, cartoons, editorials, news stories, advertisements, poems,and a short story from the pages of the nation's leading 19th-century newspaper. Topics presented include slavery, emancipation, black military service, black political participation, black women, and anti-black violence. Also on the site are an introduction to _Harper's Weekly_, historical notes, annotated timelines, and a Reconstruction simulation game intended for classroom use.

Seneca Village (

The Amistad Case ( A collection of primary documents related to the Amistad slave uprising. The site, provided by the National Archives, includes an account by the captain of the ship that captured the Amistad after it was taken over by slaves, a letter from former President John Quincy Adams requesting information about the incident, and the opinion of the Supreme Court in which the Amistad Africans were given their freedom.

Amistad Research Center ( On-line index of the holdings of the Amistad Research Center at Tulane University. The center's archives include more than 10 million documents from the American civil-rights movement and several collections of African and African-American art.

Freedmen and Southern Society Project ( Depts/History/Freedman/fssphome.htm) Provides the full texts of 13 letters to, from, and about freed Americanslaves, as well as a chronological account of emancipation. Abstracts describing the contents of Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation, 1861-1867, a nine-volume series, are also included.

African-American Mosaic Exhibit ( An on-line selection of materials from a 1994 exhibit at the Library of Congress on black history and culture in the United States. Includes photographs and drawings

African-American Art: An Introduction ( A history of African-American art, compiled and written by students in an art-history course at the University of South Florida. The World-Wide Web site includes photographs of influential artists and samples of their work.

Harlem 1900-1940: An African-American Community (

Native Americans

Native American Internet Resources ( Provides links to several Native American Internet sources.

American Indian Heritage Foundation ( A World-Wide Web site that provides comprehensive information on Native American history and culture. The site contains an on-line art gallery, biographies of noted Indians, and an archive of information on the arrival in the New World of Christopher Columbus and subsequent European expeditions and their impact on Native American people.

NativeLit-L, a listserver for American Indian Literature, now has a home page located at: The home page contains searchable archives of over two years of discussions of native letters. The page also contains a list of American Indian books that some may find interesting, and a few course syllabi.

Lakota Information Website (

NativeTech ( Information about American Indian tools and works of art. Includes images of artifacts and descriptions of their creation and use.

On This Date in North American Indian History ( or A calendar index to events in Native American history, with supporting exhibits on tribal names and cultures.