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Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

This searchable database will be continuously updated to reflect recent scholarship on
former members and up-to-date information about each current Congress. The new online version goes well beyond the scope of the previous Biographical Directory to include images from our large photo collection and additional information previously published in separate volumes: Guide to Research Collections of Former United States Senators; Senators of the United States: A Historical Bibliography; and Guide to Research Collections of Former Members of the House of Representatives.
At present, the database is searchable by name, position, and state. Further search capabilities will be added in the months ahead, as will links to repositories listed in the Guide to Research Collections, web pages associated with former members, and other internet sites of interest to students of the American Congress.

US Supreme Court Resource page "Case titles, citations, or subjects, audio materials and text, plus direct links to other resources about key cases online".


The National Archives.

Voir aussi l'index "NARA Archival Information Locator (NAIL)" et


Federal Elections Commission

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U.S. Census Bureau Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division

US Gazetteer (Census Bureau) avec cartes permettant le zoom

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THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

Central Intelligence Agency for Kids


USIA Home Page (Fulbright Scholar programs, student exchanges, international broadcasting, press announcements and foreign media reaction section.). USIA study in the US page : The site is primarily designed as a starting point for online research on the United States. Each of the eight subject pages (American Studies, U.S. Government and Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Literature and Language, U.S. History, Economics, Philosophy and Religion, U.S. Law and Jurisprudence) contains links to professional and scholarly organizations, to curricula, discussion lists, publications and fellowship opportunities. In addition, the site includes a brief description of Branch activities, including the Fulbright American Studies Institutes, and lists the worldwide library locations of the large American Studies Collection.

En France les bourses américaines en particulier Fulbright sont gérées par la Commission franco-américaine d'échanges universitaires et culturels


USIS declassification page. To access the address, Web users should highlight the word Declassification on USIA's Home Page in order to bring up the Declassification Unit's pages. These pages enable users to search for declassified records via a user-friendly database. The search is guided by a keyword table of topics accessed from the individual declassified documents. The pages also offer brief descriptions of the Declassification Unit, its mission and its operations and serve to alert the public to information no longer classified and now available for release, a key goal of USIA's declassification effort. USIA's Web site includes the most up-to-date listing of USIA's declassified records because the information comes directly from the Declassification Unit's database.


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