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American Studies Electronic Crossroads (Georgetown University). La plus riche des plateformes en matière de ressources, d'enseignements, de forums en ligne, etc. Une visite s'impose avant toute chose malgré l'inévitable complexité du site, véritable portail des American studies. A vos "signets" donc !

En particulier on signale sur ce site :
le guide des ressources internet en études américaines :
le "American Studies Web" (Yale) qui offre des liens vers des ressources internet :
les pages de l'ASA :

The American Studies Programs at the University of Virginia

"This page includes hypertext syllabi, student and faculty projects, hypertexts of Crevecoeur's Letters, de Tocqueville's Democracy in America, Henry Adams' Education, four Twain novels, and a good deal more. In addition, we have an on-going project on the National Capitol Building where we are trying to read and re-present that structure as a hypertext, a quasi-sacred text of national identity : We also maintain the American Studies Yellow Pages, a series of subject specific guides for American Studies and related fields. These current, selective, and descriptive pointers to internet resources can be found at : Finally, those subscribers who are interested in the ways in which this site and these assets are integrated into the teaching and learning process here at Virginia should go to:"

History and New Media at George Mason University

The William and Mary American Studies Program's "American Studies Links"

WWW Services for Historians

Center for the Study of American Culture and Language (Salzburg Seminar)

The American Studies Center Aarhus Web Site (Department of English, University of Aarhus, Denmark).

The American Studies Center Aarhus (ASCA), based at the Department of English, University of Aarhus, Denmark, has established the ASCA Web site. The site, which is designed to help advance the study of the United States by facilitating research and teaching in the fields of American history, culture, literature, politics, media and language, provides three broad services.
Firstly, the Web site offers information about ASCA's membership and visiting faculty, its recent and forthcoming activities, and its library, audio-visual, and computing resources. The links to recent and forthcoming activities provide information about conferences and symposia, seminars and workshops, guest lectures, and graduate seminars.
Secondly, the site provides information about and links to a variety of Scandinavian American Studies resources. These include the Nordic Association for American Studies (NAAS), the scholarly journal American Studies in Scandinavia and the NAAS Forum discussion group. Furthermore, there are links to American Studies resources in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark as well as to US public and non-governmental agencies in Scandinavia.
Thirdly, the site provides Web links for a wide range of aspects of American Studies. These include links to art history, literature, diplomacy and foreign relations, media, gender, music, history, politics and society, journalism, and race and ethnicity homepages. The ASCA Web site also provides links to numerous search engines, scholarly discussion groups, American Studies gateways, newspapers and television sites, organizations and centers, electronic journals, and US government agencies, as well as access to materials relating to the use of new technology in the teaching of American Studies.
For students who are new to the World Wide Web, the ASCA Web site provides a brief interactive introduction to American Studies on the World Wide Web as well as a link to an index to the Internet from the University of California, Berkeley.

Site de Richard Horwitz à l'Université d'Iowa. " The site includes links to some of my more frequently cited essays about what AS is, how to do it or improve it. Most of the site, though, is reserved for short ("rapid loading") pages of point-n-click links to sites elsewhere on the Internet."

Site de Washingon State University. "American Studies Web Resource Projects"

USIA's Branch for the Study of the U.S. The site is primarily designed as a starting point for online research on the United States. Each of the eight subject pages (American Studies, U.S. Government and Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Literature and Language, U.S. History, Economics, Philosophy and Religion, U.S. Law and Jurisprudence) contains links to professional and scholarly organizations, to curricula, discussion lists, publications and fellowship opportunities. In addition, the site includes a brief description of Branch activities, including the Fulbright American Studies Institutes, and lists the worldwide library locations of the large American Studies Collection.