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L3  — A HISTORY OF THE LONG 20th CENTURY (1890-present)

This is a survey course on a very long period of American history. I will not be able to dwelve into all the important aspects of American history during the century. So you will need to do some reading on your own, and in particular to complement my lectures by chapters in one of the good histories of the United States. There are several excellent one you can choose from. A People and A Nation is very good for students and we have several copies in the library. I personally like Maldwyn Jones, The Limits of Liberty (Oxford University Press) because its both precise and synthetic (and written by a great British historian of the US).

I strongly advise you to create your own chronology with the attached model. It's a good way of getting a clearer picture of the period under study.

In TD you will study texts related to my lectures, although there might be slight discrepancies because we will not be able to go at the same speed in all groups. It is not a problem.

The exam will be taken in each of your TD class for "assidus" students. It will be in the form of the commentary of a text. DA students will have a special exam session along the same format. They should ask one of the TD instructors to give them access to their texts.

Important warning : computers are not allowed during class nor is voice recording. Note taking is exclusively done by hand (see here why this is the case).

Prospective syllabus (adjusted as we go along), 2017

25 Jan: No class
1 Feb: Revolt and reform (1890s-1917) Maps Immigration
8 Feb: Revolt and reform (1890s-1917) Other documents
15 Feb: The Return to Normalcy? (1920s) Powerpoint plan
22 Feb: Winter break
1 March: The Return to Normalcy? (1920s)
8 March: The Return to Normalcy? (1920s) Other documents
15 March: The Great Depression and the New Deal (1930s) Powerpoint plan
22 March: The Great Depression and the New Deal (1930s) Other documents
29 March: American culture and society (1945-1960) Powerpoint plan
5 April: American culture and society (1945-1960) Other documents
12 April: American culture and society (1945-1960)
19 April: Spring break
26 April: The 1960s Powerpoint plan

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